The City of Yokohama’s history of the Street Performance began with the Noge-Street Performance in 1986. At that time, 20 groups, comprising of 26 performers participated in the event and gave the 1st performance in front of 3,000 people at the first Noge-Street Event. 20 years later, the 30th Street performance was held in 2005, and 300 performers participated in the event everyday. In total, 96 groups from 13 different countries showcased their performances. During this event, approximately 1,460,000 audiences ware recorded in 2 days.
The original site for the street performance was expanded from Noge to Yoshida-cho, Isezaki-cho and Minatomirai area. On top of that, this activity became the landmark representative event in Yokohama and one of the biggest street performance festivals in the country.

In 2006, the Yokohama Street Performance was introduced under the cooperation with Isezaki-cho, Yoshida-cho and Minatomirai area, with the aim of culture appreciation and economic stimulation in Yokohama. This event also serves as a platform for enhancing international exchange through the street performance as a globally accepted culture. It was held in [Zou no hana Park] last year.
The Yokohama Street Performance includes a number of big events for 2 days in April during the year, such as [Yokohama Street Performance in Minatomirai 21], [Yokohama Street Performance in Isezaki] and [Yoshida-cho Art & Jazz].
The street performances are occasionally held at some national symbolic places in Yokohama, such as [Yamashita Park], [Granmall Park] and [Jackmall], with most performances held on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays throughout the year. These events provide a vast variety of colors contributing towards a holiday atmosphere in Yokohama. These events have been strongly supported by supporters, the local community and tourists.

You can experience exciting and unique performances, showed right in front of you only in street performances.
Please come and see the street performances if you ever visit Yokohama!